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Angry Gran Toss

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Angry Gran has been imprisoned in the Angry Asylum and must free herself by launching over the wall and fly away with Cannons, Jet Packs and Guns. How far can you toss gran? Escape from the Asylum in this new Angry Gran game. Toss yourself free with your cannon, use your flying machine and gun to keep yourself in the air while training pets to help. Compete with your friends with the use of high score boards and see yourself pass them. Collect and train over 20 pets to help you in your escape, each with a unique ability that could give you the edge. Don't miss! Get points by sharing, commenting and playing games . More points, much closer for the BIG PRIZE. Register on Juegos Friv Com to check your highscore, achievements or make some friends! Sign Up on Juegos Friv and get access to the best features!

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